Family Practice

Comprehensive Primary Care

ONLINE BOOKING FOR VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS NOW AVAILABLE FOR FAMILY PRACTICE PATIENTS: Our family practice physicians are dedicated to primary care throughout the life spectrum and our patients are treated with dignity and respect. Our focus is on the management of acute and chronic illness as well as disease prevention by screening, immunizations, and lifestyle counselling. Allied healthcare resources are frequently recommended and include diabetes education, physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, optometry services and psychological counselling. Medical specialists are consulted when required.

The healthcare team at Tantallon Family Practice includes a full-time family practice nurse, a full-time office manager and three medical receptionists. Our team is dedicated to serving the needs of the community and we are committed to providing the highest quality healthcare to patients and their families. We are an experienced team who works well together and we strive to maintain a positive and fulfilling work environment for both staff and physicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information confidential?

Neither your personal information (address, phone # etc) or your medical information will be released to anyone without prior written consent from you, nor will the doctor discuss your medical matters with other family members without written consent. We adhere to a strict privacy policy and are governed by the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA).

How do I get my prescriptions renewed?

Prescription refills will not be called in over the telephone. We suggest booking an appointment with your family doctor at least 6 weeks prior to your prescription running out to avoid an interruption with your medication. If an appointment with your family doctor is not available before your prescription runs out you can call for a 'same day appointment' or call your pharmacy to ask for a 30 day supply.

How do I get my test results?

We encourage you to book a follow up appointment with your doctor, next available appointment after the tests were completed, to discuss the results. However, If your doctor receives results that require follow up our office WILL contact you to book an appointment. Patients will not be called with normal results. Please make sure our office has accurate and current phone numbers for you at all times.

Does your office charge for missed appointments?

Our fee for appointments that were missed without 12 hours notice is $45.00. These appointments could have been used by someone else requiring medical attention.

How far in advance should I call to book an appointment with my doctor?

We encourage patients to book routine appointments 6 weeks in advance so that we may better accommodate patients with issues requiring more urgent care. We ask that you limit each visit to a single issue as a 15 minute appointment slot is not adequate to address multiple medical issues.

Do you offer same day appointments?

We are a collaborative care clinic who work together to ensure the best, most accessible care for our patients. Each physician holds "same day" appointments Monday through Fridays for patients of our clinic. These appointments are booked beginning at 8:30am and booked consecutively until all appointments are full for the day. If your own physician has no same day appointments available but another physician in our clinic does, you will be offered an appointment with that physician. Same day appointments are limited to ONE issue and cannot be for issues such as physicals, completion of medical paperwork etc. they are meant to offer patients will acute issues quick access.

MEDEO ONLINE BOOKING (Family practice patients only) When booking online, please note these are for PHONE CALL appointments only. These are for issues your physician is already familiar with, for prescription renewals, test results and things that do not require a physical examination. The appointment MUST be made in the name of the person receiving the phone call. Appointments made in the name of another will be rejected and you will be required to call the office to book.

Patient Information

Patients are recommended to ensure up to date personal information is registered with  the secretary i.e. change of address or phone number.  This is important when patients are to be contacted with appointments or recalls. Patients are seen in the order they are booked, unless they arrive late. Please notify the receptionist if you feel you or your child has a highly contagious illness  (i.e. chicken pox, or scabies) , to ensure proper infection control. If you have chest pain please advise the receptionist.